DIY Acne Manual + Products


Do you qualify for the Acne Specialists DIY program? If you can answer “no” to all of the following then please continue:

I am allergic to benzoyl peroxide (true allergy, not just sensitive to it).

I have extremely sensitive skin that is allergic to ingredients.

I need hand holding to get clear.

I have a lot of questions and would prefer to be able to email whenever I need to.


The program is best for inflamed acne, oily skin, self starters who feel comfortable following a manual to clear their skin.


Complete manual on how to clear your skin with all of your initial products.

Step 1: purchase program

Step 2: fill out questionnaire

Step 3. A|S will email you the manual. Read the whole thing and implement the changes asap. It’s so important to check all of your products of pore cloggers and make the life style changes.

Step 4: Your products will be shipped out and you’ll begin your journey!