A Mother Gives Thanks for Teen Daughter’s Clear Skin

A Mother Gives Thanks for Teen Daughter’s Clear Skin

‘Tis the season for expressing gratitude, and we were very blessed to receive this heartfelt review from Kathleen. As a parent whose daughter suffered from acne, she felt like she’d tried everything. After working with Acne Specialists, she witnessed her daughter’s skin and wrote us this glowing review.

My teenage daughter first went to Acne Specialists in the fall of 2017 to address some acne and skin sensitivity issues. Prior to that she had worked with various skin specialists and tried a number of best-selling skin products, but nothing seemed to help. Dealing with her skin had become a demoralizing and time-consuming problem.

Acne Specialists was a game-changer. At our first appointment, the wonderful Beth Morse carefully examined my daughter’s skin, asked about her lifestyle, thoroughly explained the Acne Specialists regimen, went over the list of safe/unsafe products and dietary guidelines, and answered all of our questions. 

Within 48 hours (no kidding) we could see a difference, and within a few weeks, my daughter’s skin was clear and glowing.

When occasional skin flare-ups occur due to my daughter’s cycle, school/stress level, travel, or other factors, Beth immediately responds with tweaks to the regimen as well as practical tips/suggestions (e.g., wear Aquaphor on long plane flights!). Based on my daughter’s success, I have referred several friends and colleagues of all ages to Acne Specialists.  They too have been thrilled with their results and in turn have recommended Acne Specialists to others.

Another plus: the Acne Specialist products are reasonably priced and easy to order/pick-up. In addition, most of the make-up and body products on the “safe” list are easy to find and inexpensive (my daughter can get most everything she needs at CVS and is very happy with the options).  

Tip:  Pay attention to and follow the recommendations regarding products and diet, including supplements.  The professionals at Acne Specialists really know what they are talking about.

Kathleen W.

See the difference for yourself. Contact Acne Specialists today, or give a gift certificate. Email jpacne@gmail.com

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