Your First Consultation & What to Expect With an Acne Specialist Treatment

So, what’s it like being treated by an Acne Specialist?

If you’re just getting started, here’s what you can expect.

First Consultation

Your first consultation and treatment appointment is your most involved appointment. We’ll discuss your beauty products, diet, and other lifestyle factors that may be causing your acne and preventing your skin from clearing. By the end, we will have treated your skin and outlined a treatment plan that is customized for your skin’s needs.

Most people’s skin will clear in about three months, but varies person to person.

We see the most success with clients who exclusively use our products. For new clients just getting started, we offer a New Client Package that includes your initial products (two month supply).


We customize each treatment for your skin. A typical treatment may include an enzyme mask with steam, extractions, high frequency, and a light chemical peel.

How will your skin feel after your treatment? Here’s what to expect:

  • For a few hours, your skin may be pink and blotchy. (This is totally normal.)
  • For 12 hours, your skin will be very sensitive to heat and sweat. (So it’s super important that you don’t workout or go in a sauna.)
  • For a few days, your skin may be dry and slightly flaky. (Don’t worry, this doesn’t last for long! Plus, your skin will be more receptive to your homecare products.)

Some people can get slightly worse before they get better, but many people see results after just a few days.

After your first treatment, we will know more about your skin and your appointments become quicker (30-45 minutes).

Key to Successfully Clearing Skin

After your initial consultation and treatment, we will want to see you every other week until your skin starts to clear. Success is highly dependent upon having regular appointments and sticking to our customized plan.

Once Your Skin is Clear

As your skin improves, we will space your appointments out as needed. Once your skin is clear, you may find that your skin looks its best with monthly appointments. You and your Acne Specialist will be able to tell what’s ideal for you once you get to that point.

Since there is no cure for acne, it’s important to keep using the homecare products, even after you’re clear. The products prevent new acne from forming and also keep your skin looking radiant and healthy.

Appointments can be booked online. Of course, always contact us with any questions!

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