Naughty & Nice: A Story of 6 Kinds of Milk

Naughty & Nice: A Story of 6 Kinds of Milk

Acne Specialists are making a list and checking it twice. What kinds of milk do we consider “naughty” or “nice?”

When it comes to acne and overall good health, there’s a lot of controversy to what kind of milk you pour over your cereal. If you’re dealing with acne-prone skin, that choice could be the difference between being pimple-free or not. So which milk is best for acne? See below for what we deem naughty and nice.


Sorry to break it to all you latte lovers out there, but for some people, animal-derived dairy can cause an inflammatory response in the body. That response can lead to skin breakouts. If you’re sensitive to dairy, you’ll need to “remoove” it from your diet. Cow’s milk it out.

That’s not true for all people, though. Some people eat dairy just fine, without breakouts. If you want to test your sensitivity, simply remove it from your diet for a brief period.

Try our 30-day dairy-free challenge. Take a picture of your skin on day 1 and again day 30, and send to us!

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Another naughty milk is that derived from soy. Of the top five ingested aggravators of acne, soy is one. If you have acne-prone skin, it’s best to steer clear of soy.


All the kinds of milk we deem acne-safe are derived from almonds, rice, coconut, and oats. So coconut milk, almond milk and oat milk are not only great milk alternatives but they are also the best milk alternatives for acne.

Thankfully, with the vegan craze in recent years, most grocery stores carry a variety of delicious milk-substitutes. Below are a few of our faves, find them at your local grocery or natural food store.

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