Spearmint Tea & Hormonal Acne

Spearmint Tea & Hormonal Acne

According to research, drinking spearmint tea helps regulate male hormones called androgens in our body. Those are the hormones associated with hormonal acne, you know the kind, those deep cystic ones on your chin and jawline.

Androgens also cause and increase in oil production. Sebum/oil is produced by sebaceous glands that are located in hair follicles, and more sebum leads to a higher chance of comedones, which lead to breakouts. Since androgen levels are connected to the menstrual cycle, many women find that they’ll experience hormonal acne at the same stage of their cycle.

Spearmint has an antiandrogenic effect –it has the ability to reduce testosterone levels, and therefor reduce sebum production and the overall development of hormonal acne. In two clinical trials, women with hirsutism (male-pattern hair growth) drank spearmint tea twice a day for either 5 days (2007 study) or 30 days (2009 study). In both trials, testosterone levels decreased by about one-third on average.

So if you’re one of the lucky ones who break out before their period try drinking two cups of spearmint tea a day and let us know if it helps you. We like Traditional Medicinals Spearmint Tea

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