3 Tips For Your Spring Skincare Products & Routine

The winter months can leave skin dry, sensitive, and full of dead layers. To relieve your skin of those dry winter layers, try using either the Mandelic Acid Scrub or Clarifying Granule Scrub twice a week in the shower instead of your usual cleanser. No need to scrub hard, gentle upward circles for 30 seconds should do the trick! You can even use a little scrub on your shoulders to be tank top ready. Slough off that unwanted and uncomfortable texture to reveal glowing skin for spring.

Warmer weather and sunny days seems like a dream after all the cold and rain, but a rise in humidity can also trigger more oil production. While you’re changing your jacket from thick to light-weight, the same can be true for your moisturizer! Replace richer moisturizers with something lighter, like our Oil Free Moisturizer or the Hydra Gel underneath your sun protection.

And of course, we always recommend that you wear sunscreen everyday. You’ll thank us in 20 years. 😉

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