5 Reasons Your Skin Stills Breaks Out

As we always say, consistency is key to for keeping your skin clear of acne.

So, what do we mean by consistency?

We mean that you’re:

  1. Consistently using acne-safe skin care products
  2. Consistently sticking to the personalized day and night regimen provided by your Acne Specialist
  3. Consistently practicing lifestyle and health habits that help, not hurt, your skin

Sometimes, you’re doing everything right, but you’re still breaking out. It’s time to look at what you do everyday and find the culprit.

Here’s our top 5 most common reasons you’re still breaking out:

  1. Have you checked your hair care and makeup products against our Pore Clogger List recently?

    Even if you’re doing everything right with your skincare routine, diet, and lifestyle, but your other products contain pore clogging ingredients, you will always continue to struggle with acne. Always check the ingredients against our Pore Clogging Ingredients List.

  2. Are you really sticking to your home skin care regimen?

    Acne Specialists create a personalized skin care regimen for your morning and night product routine. Every single product selected for you is intended to fight acne and prevent new lesions from forming.

    Sometimes, you run low on product… We get it. But if you run out, or skip a day, acne will have a chance to form. It can take months to clear up existing acne, so it’s easier to prevent breakouts in the first place.

  3. How much of the active products are you using?

    Your Acne Specialist will instruct you on how much product to use. In general, you need about a dime to nickel size amount of both the exfoliating serum and benzoyl peroxide cream.

  4. When was your last facial appointment?

    Once your skin is clear, you and your Acne Specialist will determine how often you should have a facial appointment. Everyone’s skin is different, but most people do best if they come every 4-8 weeks. Others have more sensitive skin that requires frequent maintenance appointments to stay clear.

  5. Has your diet or lifestyle changed?

    When it comes to your diet, the worst offenders are dairy, sugar, peanuts and processed foods. Many people also start breaking out when they implement a new exercise routine or start supplementing with protein powder or vitamins. Biotin and whey protein are especially aggravating for acne prone skin. Stress is also a huge factor, so starting a new job or going through a big life change can cause acne to flare.

Of course, we’re here to keep you blemish-free.

Always feel free to contact us at jpacne@gmail.com if you have questions or concerns about your skin.

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