New Probiotic Cleanser to Balance Bacteria on Acne-Prone Skin

New probiotic cleanser has a rich lather. Click the picture to purchase the product online.

If you’re a germaphobe, I hate to break it to you… But, you have bacteria all over your body.

Bacteria lives on your skin, eyes, ears, and, most of all, inside your gut. We refer to the bacteria inside and outside your body as the microbiome.

Imbalance in your microbiome (when the bad bacteria gets out of control) can cause skin problems to flare-up, including:

  • Acne
  • Folliculitis
  • Atopic dermatitis
  • Rosacea flares

The immune system in your skin can fight acne bacteria best when it can breathe. When your skin can’t breathe (clogging oils in products, anyone?), the bad bacteria can get out of control.

Not all bacteria is bad. In fact, good bacteria (also called probiotics) reside naturally in your body and support your health. You can support the good bacteria by taking a probiotic supplement and apply probiotics topically to your skin.

To keep your skin looking beautiful, you’ll need to keep your microbiome in balance. Here’s how you can keep good bacteria working for you, from the outside-in.

From the Outside
You’ve probably taken probiotics orally… but did you know that you can apply probiotics to your skin, too?

Our Acne Specialists worked with the latest skincare technology to create our new Mangosteen Probiotic Cleanser. This foaming cleanser leaves you feeling clean and smooth. It also has lactic acid to help exfoliate the dead cells that give “bad bacteria” a place to hide from oxygen.

When you use products with heavy clogging oils and silicones, the oxygen is cut off from your skin. Avoid makeup, hair care, and skincare products with heavy clogging oils and silicones that cut off your skin from oxygen for long periods of time.

From the Inside
Your gut is where the immune system and bacteria meet inside your body. Obviously, probiotics are a fantastic way to get high amounts good bacteria into your gut. We like the Jarrow and Renew Life Ulitmate Flora brands. As always, check with your doctor, or health care professional to see if probiotic diet changes and supplements are right for you.

Avoid things like processed foods, dairy, and sugar. Instead, try a fiber-rich diet with lots of fermented foods like:

  • kimchi
  • sauerkraut
  • kombucha tea.

By providing your gut with healthy bacteria, it will help your skin be beautiful!

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