Get to Know Your Specialist! Meet Melissa

This is the first of our Get to Know Your Specialist! series.

Meet Melissa, licensed esthetician who has been a Specialist for more than 3 years.

What do you love about being an Acne Specialist?
I love seeing a real change in my clients’ skin and seeing their confidence grow.

What do you wish everyone knew about acne?
The cause of acne is a buildup of dead skin and is usually genetic. Bacteria and oil are only part of the problem, but not the main cause.

Before your skin was clear, what were your unsuccessful methods or products to treat your acne?
I tried nearly every home remedy on the internet, which is really embarrassing now that I know how terrible most of that stuff is for your skin. At one point I even put straight lemon juice on my skin because the internet told me to (I was a teenager, forgive me!). I got a chemical burn, and my acne remained unchanged. Glad those days are over!

What’s your #1 tip for people with acne-prone skin?
Exfoliate with a leave-on serum, not a scrub. And, of course, sunscreen every day – rain or shine.

What’s your favorite acne-safe beauty product?
AlimaPure Satin Matte Loose Powder foundation and blush. Great pigment, coverage, and texture. I love that there are no added ingredients – just minerals.

Our Specialists are nerds on all things skin. As former sufferers of acne, we have tried everything in the book (and on the web!). Now, we have turned our pain into passions for helping others on their journeys to clear skin.

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