9 Beach Vacation Tips For Sensitive & Acne-Prone Skin

Our client snapped us this picture from the beach in Oahu, Hawaii. Aloha! 

Before her trip, she asked us for tips for taking care of sensitive skin on a tropical beach vacation. Read below for tips on how to not get sunburnt (or break-out) on your next sunny trip!

Before your trip…

  1. Buy acne-safe sunblock & vitamin C products. As we always say, protect your skin from the sunshine rays for long lasting, beautiful skin! For long-lasting coverage, we carry the Solarex zinc sunscreen. For the body, our favorite beach sunblock is Neutrogena Beach Defense. Vitamin C products are also a boost to your sun protection. Try our Vitamin C Super serum and Vitamin C toner. (On a hot day, the toner is great in a little spray bottle to carry with you and spritz on your face!)
  2. Stop using Vitamin A serums. Vitamin A makes your skin more sensitive to the sun. If you’re using a Vitamin A serum, stop one week before your sunny trip.
  3. Spray tan gradient towards your face. If you’re getting a spray tan, avoid spraying the product on your face. If someone is airbrushing you, as them to spray a gradient towards your face, starting from your shoulders.
  4. Use Aquafor on the airplane. If your skin and lips get try on the airplane, use Aquafor original to keep the moisture locked in. (Use the original Aquafor and avoid Aquafor for lips.)

During your trip…

  1. Don’t apply actives during the day. Besides your vitamin A, your skin might become try and react to the heat. If so, you should stop using your mandelic acid, BP, etc., during the day. But, you can continue using your actives at night. (When in doubt, consult your Acne Specialist.)
  2. Re-apply sunblock every hour. You should continually re-apply sunblock, especially after swimming!
  3. Keep your sunblock cool. Have you ever left your sunblock in the heat and notice that it gets runny?… When your sunblock gets hot, it actually melts the active ingredients that block the sun. So when your sunblock gets runny, it’s no longer effective. That’s why you might apply a lot of sunblock and still get burnt. The best way to prevent this is to keep your sunblock in your fridge the night before to give it a cool base, then store it in your beer cooler. (Best with other sealed items like beer, or double bag to keep from food.) You can bring a mini collapsable cooler for the sunblock.
  4. Spritz on vitamin C toner. Vitamin C is an added layer of protection from the sun. Plus, it brightens your complexion! Try putting some toner in a spritz bottle and spritz on your face a couple times a day. It feels great!
  5. Rub on aloe. After being in the sun, it will be helpful to rub on aloe vera, even if you aren’t burnt. For best results, use leaves from the actual plant. Otherwise, the Fruit of the Earth aloe vera gel works too.

Our Hawaiian client used all our tips and reported back that she didn’t get sunburnt nor breakout. Whew!

And not only that… she said that she was frequently mistaken for younger than she is. She is 28 and people asked if she was 25, in college, and even a teenager! She’s been a regular client for 3 years and is definitely soaking in the benefits of skincare.

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