Why Teenagers Get Bad Acne

Clear skin is hard to achieve for acne-prone teenagers. There are many factors that contribute to this, with two being out of anyone’s control:

Hormones: the hormones associated with puberty cause oil production, inflammation, and build-up of dead skin in the pores — all of which lead to acne. While adult hormones are manageable with dietary and lifestyle changes, puberty hormones can be much more difficult.

Stress: Do you remember high school? Talk about stressful! Academics, extracurricular activities, and social pressures increase stress levels dramatically, making hormones surge further. In some cases, the combination of stress and puberty hormones will override treatments and products.

But, there are things a teen can do that are in his/her control. If a teenager comes to us for treatments, it’s essential that s/he is fully invested in the Acne Specialist program. Our method requires significant changes to the teen’s lifestyle, including dietary, product, scheduling and stress management.

Skincare Routine: We provide expert guidance on the use of products for your skin. During the first 6 months of treatments, your skin is adjusting to our products. As your skin builds tolerance, we change and adjust your routine, so that the products can work in the deeper layers. Sometimes, we see teenagers who rush through their regimen before school. Or worse, they skip the regimen altogether. This doesn’t give the products the chance to be effective, nor does it build-up their skin’s tolerance. Sticking to the new skincare routine is key to effective treatments.

Lifestyle Changes: There’s some truth to the term “pizza face.” Teens love junk food, especially when out with friends. But if the teen is serious about clear skin, s/he will have to say no to inflammatory foods. We have teen clients who insist on wearing make-up to gym class or forget to take-off make-up before playing sports.  Little slip-ups like these can dramatically impact successfully clearing skin.

Too often, we see parents who want the treatments for their teens, more than their teens want them for themselves. If the teen client doesn’t truly want the treatments to begin with, s/he will be less compliant. Because it is a significant investment, it is important that both the parent and teen are invested in clearing their acne.

We’re here to answer any questions. Reach out to jpacne@gmail.com.

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