Get to Know Your Specialist! Meet Beth

In our Get to Know Your Specialist! series, you met Melissa.

Now’s your chance to meet Beth. She’s a self-admitted “skin geek” who completed her training at The San Francisco Institute of Esthetics & Cosmetology.

Beth acne specialist

What do you love about being an Acne Specialist?
When I hear “I don’t even need makeup anymore!”, it makes my day! I see so many clients who cling to their full-coverage foundations to cover acne and spots. When their skin clears, it makes them feel beautiful and confident without wanting to hide it.

What do you wish everyone knew about acne?
Staying away from pore clogging ingredients makes clearing skin so much more effective (and faster) than just home care alone.

Compared to a person who is not acne-prone, people with acne prone skin can have up to 6x more dead skin cells collecting inside pores. When these dead skin cells sit in your pores, they’re waiting to bind with clogging oils. Together, the dead skin and oil make a stubborn clog in your pores!

Sadly, even if a product says “non-comedogenic” or “oil-free”, it can still contain pesky pore cloggers. Always read the ingredients to make sure that it’s free of #porecloggers.

Pro-tip: go to for the Pore Clogging Ingredients List.

Before your skin was clear, what were your unsuccessful methods or products to treat your acne?
Ooh, time for the skeletons to come out of the closet! I read about a DIY chemical peel online that had you crush-up Alka Seltzer tablets and slather them on your face them. I gave it a whirl and ended up with terribly painful, raw, red chemical burns all over my face. To make matters worse, it triggered way more cystic acne than I had in the first place! Internet misinformation strikes again.

What’s your #1 tip for people with acne-prone skin?
Consistency is key. Just like a gym membership, your skin care routine can’t work if you aren’t doing it regularly.

Consistency also means using the right products for your skin. If you’re experimenting with a hodge-podge of different products, how do you know what’s working and what’s not?

What’s your favorite #acnesafe beauty product?
I love Aquaphor Healing Ointment. I use it, on airplanes to prevent travel breakouts, as a protective barrier when swimming, relieves flakes post-peel, and even rescues chapped lips! It’s a multipurpose must-have in my home arsenal.

Our Specialists are nerds on all things skin. As former sufferers of acne, we have tried everything in the book (and on the web!). Now, we have turned our pain into passions for helping others on their journeys to clear skin.

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